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5 Healthy Eating Mistakes to Avoid

so you can stick with it for longer than a week

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Learn why willpower isn't the answer and how to approach healthy eating so it doesn't feel like so much work to stick with.

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You've put your foot down and told yourself you're going to stick with it this time!

You have to ... the doctor says your cholesterol and blood sugars are creeping toward a heart attack or diabetes.

Or maybe you know you need to lose a few pounds because those health concerns run in your family, you don't want to go on meds and you're too young to get sick like that.

You're not eating crap. You skip breakfast eat a light lunch and go for walks on your break.  

But then you come home starving, nibble while cooking and find yourself rummaging in the cupboard or fridge an hour after dinner. Completely erasing all the hard work you did during the day - avoiding snacks, steering clear of the lunch room and drinking your coffee black.


Looking online for answers only makes it worse - there are 500 million opions about what to eat and what not to eat. Your head is spinning and you feel stuck.

So you stick with what you know - willpower and weight loss groups. And wonder what's wrong with you that you can't stick with it for longer than a few days.

Sound familiar? You're not alone.

In this free video series, we'll discuss the 5 most common mistakes I see people making when they set out on a journey to healthy eating

... so you can start your journey at the REAL starting place (spoiler alert: "the diet starts Monday" is not where your journey begins) and find habits that work with your life.

You CAN do this!

5 Healthy Eating Mistakes to Avoid

In less than 20 minutes each day, learn how to:

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DAY #1: Reframe your Health Journey

... so you can avoid the first mistake:

Focusing on weight loss as the golden key / answer to all of your health problems.

DAY #2: Reconnect with Yourself

... so you can avoid the second mistake:

Not appreciating that there are reasons beyond your willpower that are keeping you from sticking to your plans

DAY#3: Restructure your Approach

... so you can avoid the third mistake:

Falling into the diet trap and starting the diet on Monday by cutting out all sugar, stopping snacks and hitting the gym everyday (aka, going all-in, or giving up completely)

DAY #4: Get Support

... so you can avoid the fourth mistake:

Trying to make big changes in your life, all on your own, feeling like it's you against the world and that no one else is going through what you are

DAY#5: Rewrite your Future Health

... so you can avoid the last mistake:

Feeling like you're a failure or that you're not taking your health seriously enough because you can't seem to make changes, or more importantly, stick with them

5 Healthy Eating Mistakes to Avoid

so you can stick with it for longer than a week

Free 5-part video series

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Hi there, I'm Angela

Owner, Positively Nourishing Nutrition Consulting

Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator

I help people who are conscious of their changing health to build sustainable, real-life eating habits so they can improve their labs, avoid medication and get to their best weight without being the one on a new diet every month.

Being a Registered Dietitian over the past 13 years has been such a rewarding experience! I've met amazing people and been inspired by my patients and clients everyday.

Although I'm a person first and a dietitian second, this is a career that weaves itself perfectly with my life. I get to use food to bridge the old ways and the new times. I get to be a teacher, a helper, a scientist, a coach, a trusted source of information, a listener, a guide, a writer, a cook. Best of all, I get to work with real people who have real struggles ... and I have the honour of being invited to walk alongside them on their journey.

As my business name suggests, my nutrition philosophy is rooted in using positive nutrition to help people add food into their eating instead of focusing on what to avoid. I believe that all food can fit and that your body's messages are your best guide.

When I'm not working with clients

... I'm planning so my next nutrition ideas can come to life!

After-hours, I'm hanging out with my boys (playing Lego or convincing the little one to take a nap which is a full-time job) and finding ways to cook using the fewest dishes possible. And those times I have a free moment? Coffee/wine (depending on the time of day), Netflix, crafting, reading and music!

Thanks for letting me share my story with you. I look so forward to hearing your's!

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